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"SwomiCHAT is an awesome and rewarding site. I say awesome cuz you are able to connect with your friends and family where your content is yours. I say rewarding cuz Swomi gives you tokens for everything you do on their site from posting-reading articles, posting pics, commenting, bumping and inviting & so much more. Tokens can be converted into rewards. Totally cool!!!! Thanks SwomiCHAT!"

Evangeline R.


"When I was invited by another valued member I was surprised I could earn so many tokens! Just Bump, Bump, Bump articles, posts and pictures. I have so many tokens and it is a way of having fun. When I upgraded it gave me even more tokens. I love SwomiChat and my rewards."

Ferdinand A.


"At the beginning I was not interested. But it was so easy to earn tokens. I am having fun inviting posting and bumping. Now I am more confident about inviting people. I think in the future it is really going to grow and I want to help by inviting more people. The more I learn and use SwomiChat the more excited I am. Earning my giftcard made me more excited about earning more rewards. Dream big. My next goal enough tokens to put a down payment on new car!"

Marinette G.


"It was really easy for me as I was already engaging on the platform, so I had earned my tokens very quickly. I have been a SwomiChat member for only 3 months and it is already paying for my subscription with the tokens I earned... I have more than an extra $100 this month... and my online activities and content do have valule... FYI it was really exciting to get my GC reward."